Echo Elysium, a nuanced and dynamic electric and acoustic guitarist, has been “transporting audiences to alternate dimensions” for over ten years in the Pacific Northwest.  His performances have been described as a “magical and ethereal” experience.  A fan remarked, “Your voice and music makes all of my troubles go away.” Another exclaimed, “You perform with real emotion.  I love listening to you so much that I wore out my copy of your album Trouble Water.” It is not uncommon to observe audience members being moved to tears. Echo Elysium’s sound seeps into your soul like a haunted dream. He is very passionate about his craft and his messages are thought provoking and authentic. 

From the cotton fields of Louisiana to the streets of South Central Los Angeles, Echo Elysium has always found his strength, passion and inspiration from singing.  He began singing in his father’s church at the young age of six.  Echo Elysium is influenced by a wide range of genres from Southern Gospel and Rhythm & Blues to Prince and Pink Floyd. He was in the back up choir for Michael Bolton and opened for Salt n Pepa early on in his solo career.  He holds Buddy Guy as his "Ultimate Guitar Hero” and strives to perform similarly.  Most recently, Echo Elysium released a record, “Trouble Water,” an unapologetic Journey through his personal life experiences via the diverse sounds of Soul, Blues, Hip Hop and Rock. 

Echo Elysium was highlighted in the Spokane Coeur D'alene Living magazine in 2017, where Matt Loi, freelance writer and DJ at 98.9 KKZX, described him as “a mysterious musician.”  The 2017 Inlander Annual Manual, Can’t Stop the Music article, mentioned him as one of the “hardest working musicians in the Northwest....specializing in gritty blues and R&B.”  In addition to his mellow acoustic side, when it’s time to bring the heat, Echo Elysium switches to his beloved Fender Telecaster and analog drum looper to liven up the crowd with a hard edged sound that makes it difficult to sit still.